The Karaoke Service is offered using an all digital system.

For those who do'nt know what that means, it means all of the karaoke selections are played off an external hard drive. Currently the hard drive has in excess of 350,000 karaoke song versions. If you have a song on an original manufactured disc then most likely it's also on the hard drive. So, unless you have a unique song or one that has had the key changed, you don't need to bring your CD+G discs with you. All you have to do is tell the name and artist of the song and if you need either the key or temnpo (or both) changed.

When singers come to a show it is preferred that they come up and submit at least three song requests before they settle down at their table. That way all your song requests are put in and you won't need to interrupt your socializing to bring up a song slip. Not only that, but having all the song requests in ahead of time allows the show to move along as quickly as possible. By bringing the requests up when you get there, this reduces the waiting time all the other singers have to get their chance to sing. In most cases, with an average rotation of 16-18 singers, most singers will get at least three (3) opportunities to sing following this system.

While your party request might require less than four hours it must be clarified that the time and energy it takes a ot of additional time to not only get to the location but also the additional time it takes to setup all the equipment and then break it all down, pack it up and make the travel back home. Having said that, the karaoke/DJ services are offered based on a rate for a minimum period of 4 hours for $150.00. That fee is based on the West Hernando and North Pasco County areas. Areas outside those specified are quoted at time of your inquiry.

DJ Services

Cowboy Ron not only offers Karaoke and Personal Performances but also DJ SERVICES

When you are only looking for good background or dance music then Ron's DJ Music Services are what you need. With approximately 100,000 songs in the collection it is highly probable that your song is in it. And instead of paying to listen to some "wannabe" DJ talk all night long, Cowboy Ron will play the music you want and minimize the chit chat. Before your event starts make sure you email your music requests so you an be assured you hear the music YOU want to hear,

As is with Cowboy Ron's Karaoke Services or Personal Performances it is difficult to quote a fee for this serivce. Please use the form link below to submit your request for your next event.


40th Anniversary Party

DJ Ron was instrumental in making our anniversary extra special playing every song we asked to sing. And he also sang a few tunes that were outstanding.

(CE Rice ... The Heather, Brooksville)

HS Graduation

We are so thankful to a friend of ours that recommnded Cowboy Ron. He did a wonderful job. Thanks for making our son's HS graduation party a huge success.

(Joe & Jean R ... Spring Hill)

Double Birthday Party

Thanks Ron for making all our double birthday guests happy and making the party a big success with the karaoke. This was a first time doing karaoke for most of them. We'll definitely use you for our next party.

(Fred & Betty Beckman ... Brooksville)

COmpany Gathering

Most company parties are boring. Ours was far from that thanks to you.

(Paul from DEP Products ... Holiday)